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You have just started out running and found it enjoyable. Perhaps you have completed your first run/race and survived!! You want to get more from your running and know you can, but how? Reading the magazines and books is one way, joining a club is another.

Many runners, new to the sport are extremely apprehensive about joining a club, but those fears are unfounded. A general perception is that all club runners are seriously competitive, fleet of foot, gazelles and young whippets and not carthorses like themselves!!! In reality most clubs will welcome all new members with open arms regardless of sex, race, creed or ability. The majority of clubs are made up of like-minded souls who have a passion for the sport of running.

We all have our own personal reasons for running and that is also true about joining a club. Being a club member has many benefits and your running is amost certain to improve, almost, it would appear, without trying. So put away your fears and pop along to your local club and see for yourself.

Barracuda Triathlon Club
Barton & District AC
Beverley AC
Bridlington RR  
City of Hull AC
Driffield Striders
East Hull Harriers AC
Goole Viking striders
Hornsea Harriers  
Hull Achilles  
Hull Springhead
Hull University AC  
Kingston Upon Hull AC
Pocklington Runners
Scarborough AC
Scunthorpe & District AC
West Hull Ladies
Withernsea AC  
White City
Wolds Veterans
Yorkshire Wolds Runners