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Ladies Clothing   Socks

After trainers, running socks are the next most important item of kit and we offer a good selection that cater for most needs. Training or Racing? Racing socks tend to be thinner than day-to-day training socks. Hot feet? Cold feet? A thicker padded sock will help if your feet feel cold on a run. Running shoes encourage air to flow around the feet with open mesh uppers, but they can make your feet feel cold, particularly in the Winter, so a thicker sock could be the answer. The length of sock is a personal preference, but before choosing a sock liner consider the fit of youre trainer - does the heel counter or collar come up above a trainewr liner and if so is it likely to rub? If so, go for a longer sock instead. If you like the sock to wrap around your arch or help support your ankle then a support sock would be a better option or one with a strong elastic brace across the arch. Technical running socks are typically White with a colour trim for gym/road use and Black, Grey or Blue for Off-Road and Trail running. Some brands offer gender specific socks - with less material used in the heel in ladies versions and these are typically shorter too. A number of brands also offer anatomical socks which will be labelled LEFT & RIGHT. Finally, it is worth taking your normal running socks when going to get fitted with trainers.


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UYN Lady Run Super Fast Sock (135)

£12.49 (RRP £14.99)   |   View

UYN Lady Run Super Fast Sock (341)

£12.49 (RRP £14.99)   |   View

X-SOCKS Lady Run Discovery (W284)

£8.49 (RRP £9.99)   |   View

X-SOCKS Lady Run Discovery (P138)

£8.49 (RRP £9.99)   |   View

X-SOCKS Run Energizer sock (563)

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X-BIONIC Lady Marathon Sock

£12.49 (RRP £15.99)   |   View

X-SOCKS Run Discovery (X06)

£8.49 (RRP £9.99)   |   View

FEETURES Elite Merino+ Light Cushion

£10.99 (RRP £15.99)   |   View

FEETURES Elite Cushion Low Cut

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X-SOCKS Marathon Sock (X50)

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