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Mens Clothing   Long Sleeve Tops

The different weights or thickness reflect the different seasons. If you feel the cold more than most people then look out for those tops described warm or thermal. The fabrics will provide sufficient ventilation via intricate panels - usually down the sides and any seams will be flatlocked to feel almost seamless. Half zip tops can be especially useful if you like to vary the ventilation once you get warm on a run. Baselayers are worn next to the skin and can sometimes provide some support or compression but are essentially worn to reduce the rate of air flow next to your body and thus help regulate your body temperature. Windproof tops are a great choice for those who do not enjoy running in a jacket - they normally offer excellent protection in most conditions and although not waterproof have sufficient water repellency

Ron Hill Everyday L/S top (214)

£14.99 (RRP £24.99)   |   View

Asics Lite-Show L/S Top (400)

£27.99 (RRP £44.99)   |   View

CRAFT Radiate L/S (999603)

£12.99 (RRP £24.99)   |   View

Asics Icon 1/2 Zip l/s (600)

£21.99 (RRP £34.99)   |   View

Asics Icon L/S Winter 1/2 Zip top (601)

£27.99 (RRP £44.99)   |   View

Asics Silver L/S 1/2 Zip Top (601)

£24.99 (RRP £39.99)   |   View

Ron Hill Advance Motion L/S (177)

£14.99 (RRP £25.99)   |   View

Ron Hill Pursuit LS top (R009)

£14.99 (RRP £24.99)   |   View

CRAFT Trail LS Top (9569)

£24.99 (RRP £59.99)   |   View

Asics FujiTrail Baselayer (0810)

£24.99 (RRP £41.99)   |   View

CRAFT Warm CN Crewneck

£34.99 (RRP £44.99)   |   View

Saucony Legacy Sportop (BKENB)

£29.99 (RRP £36.99)   |   View


£17.99 (RRP £21.99)   |   View