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X-SOCKS Marathon Sock (X50)

A NEW FORM OF STABILITY. Over-pronation and Supination tire the joint and ligaments. Thanks to its "Supronation" band, which at the same time counteracts over-pronation and Supination, the X-Bionic X-SOCKS ® Marathon stabilize the foot during running, preventing excessive rolling outward or inward. In this way, the runner is supported at best and runs more efficiently.  Together with other X-SOCKS Technology, such as AirConditioning Channel, AirFlow AnklePads und Traverse AirFlow Channels, the sock is the ultimate for marathon.

Self-adjusting cuff (Socks): Adapts to any size leg without slipping or constricting. AirConditioning Channel: Ventilates and enables dry feet step by step. Toe Protector: Prevents blisters and chafing. Anatomically shaped footbed: Specially adapted to left and right foot. Traverse AirFlow Channel System: Provides lateral ventilation under the sole. Heel Protector: Reduces friction and pressure. Supronation Bandage: The innovative wrap inhibits over-pronation or -supination. Instep Protector with AirCool Stripes: Reduces the risk of pressure points and chafing, and optimally ventilates the foot. AirFlow AnklePads: Ankle bones are often scraped up during falls since they jut out from the sides of the legs. The crescent-moon-shaped alignment of the pads offers the best possible protection without affecting the ventilation ability of the AirConditioning Channel. Lambertz-Nicholson Achilles Tendon Protector: Protects the Achilles tendons from pressure points and friction from the top of the shoe. ToeTip Protector: Asymmetrical impact-absorbing protectors protect toes at the pressure-sensitive tips. AirCool Stripes Provides cooling ventilation on the soles of the feet.

HighTech materials
SkinNODOR consists of silver ions, that reduce bacterial growth and prevent unpleasant odor. Mythlan is a skin-friendly and hypoallergenic lightweight fiber, which reduces the settling of germs and bacteria. Robur reduces pressure and shocks.


S = UK 3-5.5

M = UK 6-7.5

L = UK 8-9.5

XL = UK 10-12

£12.49 (RRP £15.99)